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Goddess Fish Promotions: Virtual NBtM Review Tour: What a Rake Wants by Mag...: Goddess Fish Promotions is organizing a Virtual Name Before the Masses REVIEW ONLY Tour for What a Rake Wants - The Spies of Mayfair Se...

Regency History: Saltram - a Regency History guide - Great article!

Regency History: Saltram - a Regency History guide: Saltram Where is it? Saltram is a Georgian mansion just outside Plymouth in Devon. History Before the civil war, Saltram was owned...

(Well worth a read at the Regency History blog.

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Enjoy some of my mother's paintings.

An Award winning artist, Mum is no longer with us in person, but she is still with us in spirit. Here she is with Dad.

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More on my Regency Spy Series

Marketing for Romance Writers' Books Hooks #MFRWhooks

It's Wednesday and time for the Marketing for Romance Writers Books Hooks mini hop! (see linky list below) Participants post 6-8 sentences from their novel.
THE SPIES OF MAYFAIR is a Regency series. Members of the ton, my three heroes and heroines all live in Mayfair during the Season, which is the most glamorous area in London. Each book is filled with intrigue, adventure and romance: The first, A BARON IN HER BED, features Guy, Baron Fortescue and Miss Horatia Cavendish. The second, TAMING A GENTLEMAN SPY, John Haldane, Marquess of Strathairn and Lady Sibella Winborne. In WHAT A RAKE WANTS, an Irish diplomat, Flynn,Lord Montsimon and widow, Lady Althea Brookwood tell their story in the final book (Released August 26th with Knox Robinson Publishing) All the stories stand alone, yet all men and women are connected by friendship.

King George sends his private investigator, an Irishman, Kieran Flynn, Lord Montsimon, on a mission, the reason for which is unclear. Is it a plot against the Crown? Or something entirely unrelated? Flynn's inquiries lead him to the widow, Lady Althea Brookwood. Known amongst the ton as a rake, Flynn is rarely turned down by a lady, and when Althea refuses not just him but many other men, he becomes intrigued.
How smug he looked. She would love to take men like him down a peg or two. She could never embark on such a scheme as her aunt suggested. It was too devious, even though she liked few men, and as for rakes, they deserved all they got. “Ah, Lady Brookwood, you disappoint me. Here I was thinking there was more to you than being content with the dull life you appear to lead.” He looked down at her as they joined the rest to leave the floor. “I sensed a desire for adventure, romance. I’m sure I glimpsed it in your lovely eyes.” “I am most concerned for your sight, Lord Montsimon. Perhaps a physician?” she said crisply, stung by his assumption that her life was dull.

Free Regency Short Story - Bart Seeks a Bride

 Enjoy a free short story featuring Bartholomew Winborne, one of the Brandreth men from TAMING A GENTLEMAN SPY.

by Maggi Andersen

 A stickler for correctness, Lord Bartholomew Winborne, second son of the Marquess of Brandreth, is about to take up his living as a vicar in India. Requiring a suitable wife, he has made a list of the most desirable qualities she must possess. The annoying Miss Emily Isherwood appears to have none of them.

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Great 5 star review of Taming a Gentleman Spy!

Taming a Gentleman Spy by Maggi Andersen – Review

July 10, 2014 Historical Romance, Regency, Review 1 ★★★★★
Taming a Gentleman Spy by Maggi Andersen – Review
Book Description

John Haldane, Earl of Strathairn, is on an urgent mission to find the killer of his fellow spy. After visiting the young widow of one of his agents, Strathairn strengthens his resolve. A spy should never marry, and most certainly not to Lady Sibella Winborne, with her romantic ideas of love and marriage. Unable to give Sibella up entirely, he has kept her close as a friend. Then, weak fool that he is, he kissed her.

Lady Sibella Winborne has refused several offers of marriage since she first set eyes on the handsome Earl of Strathairn. Sibella’s many siblings always rush to her aid to discourage an ardent suitor, but not this time. Her elder brother, Chaloner, Marquess of Brandreth, has approved Lord Coombe’s suit. Sibella yearns to set up her own household. She is known to be the sensible member of the family, but she doesn’t feel at all sensible about Lord Strathairn. If only she could forget that kiss.

Taming a Gentleman Spy
Author: Maggi Andersen
Series: The Spies of Mayfair #2
Published by: Knox Robinson Publishing
Published on: April 17, 2014
Genres: Historical Romance, Regency Romance
Pages: 212
Format: eBook

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5 Stars
3 Flames
The Review
Taming a Gentleman Spy, the second book in the Spies of Mayfair series, is a spellbinding regency romance filled with mystery and suspense by Maggi Andersen.
John Haldane, the fourth Earl of Strathairn, is a spy who has been enchanted with Lady Sibella Winborne ever since she came out for her first season. While at the same time, Sibella has been attracted to John and wonders why he doesn’t propose. I thoroughly enjoyed the sexual tension that simmers between John and Sibella, especially knowing how strong their feelings are and that they are unable to act upon them. John is a sympathetic character since he truly loves Sibella but can’t see a way to have a wife with the job he has. As Sibella hasn’t accepted a marriage proposal, her older brother arranges for her to marry Lord Coombe. Although not happy about the arranged marriage, Sibella decides to make the best of it. Sibella is a spirited lady who tends to speak her mind, which I just adored about her. Widowed, Lord Coombe hopes to have an heir with Sibella. Since Lord Coombe is arrogant, distant, and secretive, Sibella begins to suspect that the death of Coombe’s first wife wasn’t just a horrible accident. Curious, Sibella investigates Coombe and figures out what happened to his wife, making her a perfect match for John and further endeared her character to me. Along with the love triangle, Andersen, intricately weaves in another mystery into the story, the murder of John’s partner. All of these elements combine to create a intriguing and page-turning novel. Without giving too much away, I loved how Andersen ends Sibella’s relationship with Coombe, a most fitting ending that paves the way for Sibella and John to have their own happily ever after.
With its multilayered plot, magnetic characters, and tense action scenes, Taming a Gentleman Spy is a gripping read from start to finish.

Thanks Lori Zalewski!

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What a Rake Wants, The Spies of Mayfair Series, Book 3 Available for pre-order!

Released with Knox Robinson Publishing in print and e-book 26th August!

King George sends his private investigator, an Irishman, Kieran Flynn, Lord Montsimon, on a mission, the reason for which is unclear. Is it a plot against the Crown? Or something entirely unrelated? Flynn's inquiries lead him to the widow, Lady Althea Brookwood. Known amongst the ton as a rake, Flynn is rarely turned down by a lady, and when Althea refuses not just him but many other men, he becomes intrigued. After her neighbor, Sir Harold Crowthorne informs Althea that he means to take her country property, Owltree Cottage, by fair means or foul, she must search for help. The first man she turns to is promptly murdered and the second lies to her. That leaves Flynn, Lord Montsimon, a man she has been studiously avoiding. But Montsimon is decidedly unhelpful, and more than a little mysterious. Her only option is to seduce him. Althea has little confidence that she will succeed, especially as before her husband was killed in a duel, he often told her she was quite hopeless at intimacy. When a spy is murdered, Flynn wonders just what Althea knows and what her involvement might be with the man the king wants Flynn to investigate.


Althea danced with several partners. But when the musicians struck up a waltz, Montsimon beat several other men to her side. She held herself stiffly at first, but the skill of both the musicians and Montsimon’s dancing could not be ignored. She began to enjoy herself.
“Sir Henry must have brought the musicians from London,” she said. “They are quite superb.”
“Accomplished certainly.” Montsimon swept her around the floor. “I find the country air invigorates one. But then, when one is suffused with energy, there is little of the right company with which to enjoy it. What does one do?”
Must he make every comment sound suggestive? “One could ride or hunt.” She raised her eyebrows. “Or play cards or backgammon.”
“That would certainly account for a few hours.”
“I find no difficulty in employing myself.”
“How fortunate you are not to suffer ennui by the lack of society.”
“Sometimes society can be a bore.”
“Really?” He studied her thoughtfully. “You surely can’t be much above six-and-twenty.”
A soft gasp escaped her. The devil had added two years to her age. “How old I am has nothing to do with it.”
He quickly turned the flash of humor on his face into a concerned frown. “You’re not ill?”
She raised a brow. “I’m very well, thank you for your concern.”
“Of course you are.” His gaze roamed her face. “You’re positively glowing.”
“Dancing with you might contribute to my high color, my lord,” she said, her voice tinged with sarcasm.
“I’m pleased to hear it.”
“You may not be if I elaborated.”
A smile tugged at a corner of his mouth. “Surely you aren’t about to retire and become a recluse? I believe I heard a collective sigh from all the gentlemen in the ballroom.”
“Not at all,” she said crisply. Was he working up to request a liaison, as two other men here had done? She tensed, preparing to give him short shrift.
“Do you like dogs, Lady Brookwood?”
Startled, she gazed into his grey eyes, finding them sharp and

assessing. How unpredictable he was. 

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5 star review for A Baron in Her Bed - The Spies of Mayfair Series Book One

Thank you, Susanna for this *****review. ‘A Baron in her Bed’ is a delightful story of romance and espionage in Regency England. The action romps from country estates to the London salons and ballrooms of the aristocracy and brings that dazzling world alive. At times I was reminded of Georgette Heyer. I found the character of Guy really attractive and Horatia is a spirited heroine, with fewer inhibitions than most of Miss Heyer’s gals. Thoroughly recommended, in fact, I’m thinking of buying a copy for my mother’s birthday.

New cover for What a Rake Wants (3rd book in the series)
coming soon. 

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New Cover! THE DUKE'S MYSTERIOUS LADY out on kindle soon.

Cover artist: Erin Dameron-Hill

Viola, so named by her benefactor, Hugh Beauchamp, Duke of Vale, has lost her memory, along with her respectability, after being found dressed in a male servant’s clothes. She is a mystery unto herself, with her knowledge of books and Latin, and her skill at the pianoforte.

The duke has found Viola a temporary home with his nanny in a cottage on his estate, while danger lurks in the shadows and darkens her dreams. Viola must leave beautiful Vale Park before Hugh marries Lady Felicity, the neighbor’s daughter; their marriage arranged when they were children. And before Viola and Hugh succumb to an impossible passion. But what fate awaits her beyond the walls of Vale Park?
(First published as Rules of Conduct)


A shout roused Hugh from his reverie. With a curse, the coachman hauled the horses to a stop in the narrow lane. Hugh’s manservant, Peter, jumped down from the box.
“What’s amiss?” Hugh threw open the carriage door and leapt out, pistol in hand. It was years since highwaymen were seen in these parts and they’d come off the worse last time, with one man dead and the other wounded in his escape.
With dusk falling, it was shadowy and dim beneath the dense canopy of leaves.
“Here, Your Grace!” Peter called.
“Careful, Peter!”
After a quick appraisal of the bushes crowding the road, Hugh ran to join his groom.
Peter was crouched beside a body lying on the road, perilously close to the horses’ plunging hooves.
A trick? Hugh tightened his grip on the pistol. “Back up the horses,” he urged his coachman. “Be quick about it.”
Peter grabbed the traces, and he and Jack edged the nervous horses away, their flesh quivering and their nostrils steaming in the cool air. With another glance at the silent, dark woods encroaching on both sides of the road, Hugh hunkered down beside the inert form. Gently rolling the body over, he reached into the lad’s shirt not expecting a heartbeat.
Hugh pulled his hand back as if stung. “Devil take us, ’tis a woman!” As he moved her, the woman’s cap fell off and long strands of fair hair escaped, spreading over her shoulders. “Bring a lantern here.”
While the coachman held the lantern high, Hugh gazed speechlessly at her. The thin material of her shirt barely concealed the thrust of firm young breasts beneath it. Pantaloons hugged her slender legs, and her bare feet were thick with grime. The shirt strings lay open across a delicate throat, where a jewel-encrusted silver locket gleamed in the lantern light.
Hugh smoothed hair away from her mud-streaked face. “No sign of bleeding, but she has a bump on her head the size of an egg.” He took hold of her wrist. She was far too pale, but her pulse felt strong.
“Cor, she ain’t half dirty, Your Grace.” Peter wrinkled his nose in distaste. “She smells of the barnyard.”
“That she does.” Hugh slipped his arms around her shoulders and beneath her knees. With scant regard for his silk-lined, multi-caped greatcoat, he hefted her up and placed her inside the coach. She failed to stir as he tucked a traveling rug around her.
“On to Vale Park, Jack.”
Night fell quickly in the country. A mist-shrouded moon added its frail light to the dim coach lanterns. The young woman lay motionless, her chest rising and falling, the only sign she lived. Not so much as a flicker when Hugh chaffed her hands. He could only hope that burned feathers or smelling salts would bring her round.
He turned her small hand over in his large one. Nails well cared for, skin soft and callous free. No evidence of hard labor. Not a housemaid then. A seamstress or a governess from one of the big houses in the district? What had driven her to dress as a page then? He sat back and studied her, her delicate features and long limbs, the incongruous footwear a young page would wear, from a good house by the look of it.
He leaned forward and fingered the locket. Was she absconding with it?